Commercial Credit Checker – Instant business credit report for 62 countries.

Easily pull business credit reports from any standard or custom object

Business Credit Checker is a fast and user-friendly Salesforce native application that provides instant business credit reports for businesses to make efficient accurate decisions. Currently, support business/commercial credit reports for 62 countries.

  • Our data-driven solutions drive efficiency and better decisions for our clients.Supports real-time business credit reports from 62 countries on millions of active businesses.
  • Comprehensive business report that supplies critical information needed for credit risk assessment.- Dashboard format and comprehensive details support faster, more accurate decisions.- Support access to the different Experian data segment.
  • Combines credit, fraud and compliance checks with company background information in a single report.- Support FICO® SBSS(Small Business Scoring Service℠).



  • Best coverage in North America. Experian is twice the size of the closest competitor and the market leader in the US.
  • Superior corporate linkage with a team of investigators to keep hierarchy fresh and up to date.
  •  Fraud capabilities include personal and business – something D&B can’t do.
  •  Financial Stability Risk Score harmonized across every GDN country.

SMB Coverage:

  • Experian has both Consumer and Commercial databases. There is power in blending the scores to predict delinquency and financial stress.
  •  Robust business owner background information. How an individual pays their personal bills is often indicative of how they will pay their small business obligations.


  • Real-time, current business credit reports in the US, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, U.K., Western Europe.
  • Same day Small Reports available in 62 additional countries. Freshly investigated reports in all 230 countries.

Value Delivered:

  • Fresher information than competitive offerings.
  • Cost-effective international data.
  • Data consistency across international borders.
  •  Deeper information in emerging markets.