Commercial Credit Checker - Instant Business credit report from Experian™, Equifax® & Paynet to automate credit decisions and minimize business risk.

Commercial Credit Checker’s data-driven solutions drive efficiency and better decisions for our clients. We can help reduce your credit exposure by showing you the credit worthiness of the businesses you deal with anywhere in the world. Whether you’re extending credit to a business, offering a lease, or looking to improve the terms you receive on your contracts, our business credit reports are designed to help you make informed credit decisions so that you can protect your business from bad debt and outstanding invoices.
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Why do clients partner with us?

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Fresh, high quality data​

Data timeliness, hygiene and business identity resolution drive our data enrichment practice across billions of current and historical business records​

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SMB coverage

Verify and score more small and mid sized businesses​

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Data analytics / scores​

Data science leadership combined with decades of experience transforming raw data into predictive scores and analytics ​

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Award Winning Innovation​

Robust innovation roadmap creating open, API-based solutions for easy integration, big data analytics platforms and new data insights

Product Features

Global Coverage

We can deliver instant commercial credit reports on over 365 million businesses in 62 countries within Salesforce. We provide company information to power your teams with accurate and rich customer data and make informed strategic decisions.Utilize our product to check the credit risk of your applicants, regardless of what country they are in, without breaking the bank or being locked into a contract.

CRM/Salesforce Plugins

We are a Salesforce ISV partner and we develop and deliver cost-effective business applications and operational software for clients. Licensed to help them drive sales on the global AppExchange platform and grow their businesses by utilizing the expansive opportunities available in the Salesforce partnership ecosystem.

API Integration

The highly scalable integration to CreditAPI gives access to normalized data for anywhere from one to three of the national credit bureaus.It allows you to easily add company profile data into your existing apps and workflows. Enhancing existing applications with data from our international company database will give you direct access to financial and credit risk data through our API.

Report Comparison


Minimize human error and save time
Maximize sales and reduce exposure to credit risk.
Enriched customer records
Competitive pricing
Access to Real-time, accurate and trusted information
No long term contracts

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