Credit Checker – Instant Credit Reports from Experian™, Transunion® & Equifax® inside Salesforce

Automate the credit report pull and take accurate credit decision using credit checker.

Credit Checker is a fast and user-friendly application that provides instant credit reports for businesses to make efficient accurate decisions. By pulling real-time data from Experian™, Transunion® and Equifax®. Credit Checker also provides merge information from all three bureaus to create an accurate, unified credit report for your customers and your financial institution. CreditAPI also provides near-instant access to VantageScore ratings and FICO scores.

Main Features:

  1. Run credit reports from any STANDARD or CUSTOM salesforce objects.
  2. Supports Single/Joint credit reports for North America consumers.
  3. Pull real-time credit reports from all major credit bureaus including tri-merge credit report(Experian™, TransUnion® or Equifax®).
  4. Supports soft and hard inquiries.
  5. Get a credit report with or without SSN or SIN.
  6. Ability to archive credit reports as per company policy. 
  7. Provides extensive reporting and analytics capabilities to take accurate credit decisions. 
  8. Turn On/Off credit report refresh functionality based on the business requirement

Please take out some time to watch this video below: