Org Mergers

Salesforce org migrations (mergers?) often come about as a result of an acquisition, or a company simply looking to have better synergy across multiple business units (or operating companies). There are many benefits of having a single Salesforce instance versus two(or more) – from centralized user administration, a common master database available to sales and marketing, a single connection point for your integrations, and the ability to roll-up your data to a shared set of dashboards for management. The reality is that Salesforce Org Migrations (mergers?) are very complex initiatives. The good news is, unlike other data migrations (mergers?), the databases being merged share the same architecture. However, due to the vast amount of customizations that can be present in either Salesforce instance, merging the two databases requires a lot of planning and coordination.

Fortunately we can help you through these hurdles and guide you through the process to have a successful migration (merger?).