Salesforce Config Workbook

Salesforce Configuration Workbook

Salesforce is a powerful platform when it comes to quickly implement new apps and features. However, benefiting from up-to-date documentation and mastering the deployment of a released content is the real challenge to reach delivery excellence. A proper methodology and following best practices are a must have but what will really make the difference are the proper tools. You can use our application to automatically generate metadata components excel.

Main Features:

  • The application is absolutely free.
  • Quickly extract Salesforce Metadata in Excel files within a minutes.
  • Generate project manifest files containing all the items that have been modified on a specific date.
  • A single landing page with simple navigation and easy to choose a menu to select the metadata components.
  • Export the components in an Excel document to perform relevant audit activities.
  • Application supports 50 different components.
  • No Installation is necessary.