Credit Checker – Consumer Test Credit Files

When a credit file is ordered in our test system with the last name “TESTCASE” and an SSN starting with either “00000” or “98700“, we will return one of the following test cases, based on the last four digits of the SSN.

If the last four digits don’t match a defined test case, the file will return with the error “INVALID TEST CASE“.

All US Consumer test credit reports should be run with the following address –

StateCode: MO
StateName: Missouri
Postal Code: 65488

Standard Test File –

Marisol L Testcase000-00-0001220 Locust Ave, Anthill, MO 65488~720 Score
David C Testcase000-00-0002504 Grandview St Unit 2, Anthill, MO 65488~660 Score
Janet X Testcase000-00-000319 Forest Dr, Anthill, MO 65488~640 Score
Joseph M Testcase000-00-000413743 Bluewater Cir, Anthill, MO 65488~620 Score
Maria A Testcase000-00-00055524 Eastbourne Dr, Anthill, MO 65488~550 Score
Carlos E Testcase000-00-00069614 Oriole Ln, Anthill, MO 65488~500 Score
Nicole S Testcase000-00-00078315 Bunker Hill Rd, Anthill, MO 65488~500 Score
Sarah D Testcase000-00-0008171 Glenwood Dr, Anthill, MO 65488<500 Score
Luis T Testcase000-00-00095002 Banner Ct, Anthill, MO 65488<500 Score

Joint Report Cases / Files from CreditXpert –

Borrower NameSSNCo-Borrower NameSSNAddressNotes
Bill C Testcase000-00-0015Beth C Testcase000-00-00168842 48th Ave, Anthill, MO 65488
Condi X Testcase000-00-0017Cary X Testcase000-00-0018784 Beach Blvd, Anthill, MO 65488